Xelís de Toro




The Fishfinder



A fishing community tries to come to terms with the fact that the fish have gone from the sea. One day, a child appears on the shore floating in a little basket. The village folk believe that when he grows up he will have special powers which would allow him to find fish.

    They bring him up to be the fishfinder. He grows up learning to point out hoping that one day he will be able to point out where the fish are. But when his time comes he realises he can't find the fish. Rather than disappointing his people,

in the dead of the night he steals the glints from everybody's eyes and with them he constructs a giant fish, each twinkle forming and scale. The following day when the people get up they see everything blurred. The sharpness of their vision has gone with the stolen glints but they soon feel happy as they see the fishfinder pointing out an enormous fish on the horizon.








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