Vladislav Martynovitch





Beauty, reflected by Glance –

Glance that catches the reflection of beauties:

All remote – is hidden nearby,

All deep – is concealed by motion.


Here fantasy is reality

For the goal – is an exposure of means,

For the mystery – is just a sheer given

In a combination of Time with Place…


The world of wealth is with fantasy at hand,

And one pours into another:

This is the sensibility of smooth outlines,

It is the Mind led by the Hand.


The sea of tissues is swaying listlessly,

Shine of treasures caresses and beckons –  

These waves of matters bottomless –

From foams of dreams sprout Aphrodites…





Vladislav Martynovitch © 2015




A Genius in the silence of renunciation, –

World of tubes and flasks, –

Outputs connection,

The magic pillar of formulas,


And the creation of the "World

Of the New" proclaims:

Edit it with Nitrate

And build – Dynamite!


Explosions from now will awake

The old sleeping expanse,

Life will be explosive,

It will dare to fly –  


Shards will flow into the sky, –

Nerves, hearts and minds, –

Making the possible the "Obligation” –

Uprooting foundations of prison!..


The explosion of creation “in basis"

Ballasted against the "blast of destruction” –  

The Formula will be tied by blood,

Will flow in human veins.


People will clutch to one another,

The whole world will be detonated –  

Cords blaze all around,

Fiery, menacing kneading!..


So wealth is created –  

Destinies will pay for the dream:

The world as the “Universal Brotherhood”

Will be freshly re-clothed –


The Formula of unification  

Will be withdrawn – from new ages grow

New gardens of Eden furnished with benches,

And foliages that flower to clouds!




Vladislav Martynovitch © 2015