Serena Spinello




Recreant Ruler



Arctic meat disguised

in ashes of decency.

Ventricles heaving treachery;

rash chops rumbling

grounds for vengeance.


I frequent his sorry mouth;

scuttling amid craters, provoking caps and alluring molars.

Resting my head upon his plaque I listen

as he petitions pathetic tactics.

A corrupt tongue thrashes my internal abrasions;

before spitting me out to dry

next to our stained flag.

I heave dogma and doctrines

at his decaying gums.


Spotted reclining on a chase in Texas ,

as innocent feet continue to march in quicksand.

Petroleum can’t purify a desecrated core.

Atop his maw I’ll strip bare-

shedding my veil of compliance,

advertising my decorum for every one to see.




Serena Spinello © 2007