Sam Silva



Valuing the Soul


A few green bills

to pay for cigarettes and pills


and sandwiches and soda pops

and all of this marginal kingdom which

the lonely travel without cars

transcends by draining all of the bars


....for we are the world's pedestrians,

we dwarves who sightfully succeed

or blindly screams that huge cyclops        


...such wars of cunning we have lost

as dwarves and giants always do

in spiritual things that money bought

and lacking that we pay the cost

of being less than human too


just like those animals of greed

ascending the sky on wings of blue!



The Music of the Lost


Composers of the great Romantic symphonies

made dreams which always sweep the universal heart


so that pure of pulse I sit

near sounds

of sweet and reasoned passion


and light a cigarette

near manured fields of tobacco

and inhale a deep regret

where an air conditioned shack

hooks up the Internet.


A hundred some odd years of Nietzsche

and such a God is surely dead by now


who moved the fountains and cathedrals,

the cities and their art.


Westward went the star

toward an old Las Vegas bar


whereas the soul has traveled south

to that strange chaotic mouth


waiting for the dryness

waiting for the floods

of jerky and of milk

come from a cow.



Sam Silva © 2016