Sam Silva



Prelude To An Oriental Caesar


True to Russian form

Stravinsky with his existential genius

...his brilliantly choreographed strands of atonal

musical tissue

...threw a pagan relic

at his poshly decadent Orthodox Christian audience


...unlike Molotov enjoying a cocktail

all that they could muster back

was a rotten tomato or two


about the time of Europe's imperial peek

when the gods of War came together in friendship

and celebrated  such wealth


by butchering young men and boys

with machine guns

where in a slightly earlier age

they were sent down holes

to extract minerals

for the gods of money

for  factories

of tin

and beef!


In the New portion

of the white World


gave up a coarser art


celebrating such things

as love

and racism


...and quite soon thereafter assembly lines

of machine driven cars all painted black

and boxed formulaic


redirected the machinery

of a Midwestern city

where non human mules

became obsolete


till fascism gave way to hamburgers

in that kind of unrestricted gluttony

which may now

by all accounts

cause the planet to warm

and suffocate.



Sam Silva © 2019