Sam Silva



The Romantics


Greig in the wild woods!

Beethoven's city of God

hailing that same

historical nature!


Byron and Shelly sang as well

among the herald hopes

of natural man


...these things

were such a beautiful lie.


Hawthorne's noble savage

does not reflect

nor give credit to the depth

of those dark races

oppressed and put upon


...scourged like animals for work

or simply annihilated!

And blood thirsty pillage

for commercial lusts

and wealthy tastes

for which the dilettantes who celebrated

the common man

in agricultural communion


tilted pen and lectern in high ideal

while the empire subjects were utterly degraded

and workers filled factories

with their brown lung

and potato diets.


What we learned in this original  birth of liberalism

was a wonderful way to tell a lie

to ourselves

and not just to others....




Sam Silva © 2012