Sam Silva



Unto the Third Generation


Look at those like him! Those adolescent trolls

in huge and mystifying ignorance

shaping with hands too large the dumb photogenic statue

of themselves

and blowing it up with hot air

or what seems like hot air

in virtual computer anima!


It goes without saying

that the souls of dogs

were more intelligent and honest

eg. the pet frenzy

among single moms and dads

who finally find a cuddly mate

or companion

who would respond with goodness

...light in the eyes!....the angel load!

running in joy

akin to sex.


Look at the sport in those like him!

The happy meanness in spraying contempt

at their eternal birthday party!

The graceless, mindless, satiate

use of drugs

and alcohol

and cigarettes

...eventually to feel good

...but at first....simply to be cool.


Look at the art of those like him!

They took the baby out

of every serious social and artistic movement

...splayed its genitals and threw it away

...savoring only

the delicious bath water

...opium and piss.


Look at their science and religion!

Instead of a search for God

...what calls the fascists

down on the clown.


The clown! The Judas kiss!





Sam Silva © 2010