Phil Wood



Accidents Happen At Sainsbury's


From this joy of rain

the melch of leaves oozes

a mushroom soup between my toes.


I thumbs up.


You can't sit

'less you move your foot.


The tribe of corvus croak their prayer

and I unfold my eyes across the tarmac

to where a roadkill trifle waits.


I thumbs up.


Would you like fil tered cof


or a capp u cino?


A Merveille du Jour blends to lichen skin.

Pools of vermilion spaghetti nest

beneath the Quercus and I want to pee.


You'd prefer soup?


I thumbs up.



Street Theatre


The Slav gravitates to a corner

beside the bins, looking up at passers-by

and mouthing crumbs of memory.

A pantomime fish poisoned by Cardiff air.


The glare from McDonald's gathers coins

and fools into the mime, and though

time drifts like dandelion seeds

into mud pools, I play the Samaritan.



Phil Wood © 2014