Jim Morris




My Friend


Drugs for breakfast, dinner, tea,

Late night snacks of Smak.

Incompatible with life.


You went away (like Sebastian)

Never came back.

I never asked, I knew.



Around the time of Dead Sheep

You drew

A dead bird in the street


Which didn't offend its dignity

Enhanced it indeed




dead sparrow




The Life of a Smackhead




My friend said-


Smackheads smack each other's heads.

If they haven't any money (to fund their habit).

The dealer will also give them a smack as well,

Smack them around for a bit.


Habitually they nick from shops (Smackheads)

Then invariably get nicked.

Banged up they get a 'bang' in the head again.

Or just another smack for a smackhead.




Jim Morris © 2014