Felino Soriano




Painters’ Exhalations 128

—after Ki Yoon Ko’s Distraught



Life arrives differently.


Thread of yesterday’s pattern routine,

the obligated experience

upon walking certain times

into emotional smiles


unravel mystery onto ground

in a dust mirror

gone awry.


Your piano tuned to pitches in the tongue of tonal



Family absent

a silence mugging solace.


Panic a face, splayed nostrils allegory

tears sipped from unbelieving eyes.


Tomorrow can be a death time.


Or, a blanket of soothe understanding

now is a focal point preference into

changing pace of obligatory actions.





Painters’ Exhalations 129

—after Tom Levine’s Epiphany



Sky’s stained-glass arc

undoes parallel wishes

of absolute, universal descriptions.









    sorted colors by delineated aspectual tone preference

of imaginational shape content.


Tiles we see arranged in hardened bouquets.


    from the formed do they burgeon into


        a mouth prison humid contact

tongue cannot define thus declines?  Bodies


not only walking or the flying too agreeable stint

on air lines invisible or floss thin,

                                  sky unmasks

most beautifully after dark


dissipates a cordial leave

leaving dusted off shapes to decorate the eyes of

new formations.





Felino Soriano © 2009

Painters’ Exhalations 131

—after Grace Borgenicht’s White Beach



The language of sand

foreign to the manmade tongue

slippery to the vernacular with

bare fundamentals.  Thus, dear

sand in unfocused distance, a brand of whisper

delegated to beneath the lid of suppressed



So thick the texture of the moment.


Movement disallows rest for the observant

meditator forming the specific sound near alphabet’s end

with curved, unstressed legs.


Watching, the mountains with solid black



Water’s elastic skin shining a bulb of nighttime



Peace, for elsewhere silence is deaf to suffering, suffering

among the screaming whose day attaches to a disposition of

meandering distrust.





Felino Soriano © 2009