David Kessel


Schizo Care


Schizophrenic Salvation Network




‘Can’t you see buried within all that wreckage he’s craving for freedom’ Malcolm Lowry


Our disability could be a diabetes of the mind, caused by traumatic disbelief?


Solidarity Very often invalidated and demonised, and often bound together. Could become the modern Jews?


Over half of us, discharged from old asylums, died within a year of dislocation, neglect, cold! The Inadequate, friendly simple schizophrenic, the devastated, emotional hebephrenic, the intense, wordy paranoid schizophrenic… we are not told about them!


Also, probably, ‘guinea-pigs’ for secret state experimentation – psychotropics, mind-policing, and short-wave radiation, etc. (no one believes anything we say).


Fellowship Must associate to counter loneliness and stigmatisation.


Local Groups needed for fellowship, mutual therapy, political initiatives.


‘Full-Shilling Club’ hope to have regular central London meetings.





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