Christopher Capelluto







Let’s make some time go by, let’s make some time

Skip, past the stars, stars; Gods cosmic middle finger to the earth.

Everyone needs to know how everything works.

"I could tell you how everything works" said the gang.

"I could tell you how everything works" said the clergyman, politician,

scientist, teacher, father, brother, mother, friend, military.

Which fool am I?


Lets stop some time let’s make time stop, stop lets

re-evaluate time, time to move on stop looking back, let's kick some time to the curb.

Yeah curb stop time.

Picture this, someone dead.

Got that picture?

Snap. Ca-click, photoshopped then uploaded.

They died trying their best to jump over- Wait. Screw "They" “their” it’s not the ustedes "you all"

general terms.

Its "him", "he", masculine, take two.

He died trying his best to jump over a fence into his pool.

He's ugly. Not just because of the fence post that is impaled through his forehead.

The police officer, he shakes his head. Tisk-tisk.

Stop rewind. Let’s go back and unwaste time lets go smoke some heavy weed.

Of the cannabis type. He did. Right before he jumped.

At least he tied his sneakers but he’s not wearing pants or a shirt.

He’s nude besides the tied sneakers. Why?

Stop rewind ten years that's 120 months that's 5184000

minutes and you’re being yelled at by your dad or maybe its your mom

they're being unfair you're crying. "You're" "They're" "We" "Let's"

general you all, displace blame, it’s the word used to deny association

with. When really its "Me" "I" "Me" and "I" "us".


"Jump, jump, jump!"

He jumps.

Close the dead, rotting jumpers staring wide open eye lids for him.


"For dignity, can you stop busting my balls? Why are you even here?" said the cop.

"I could tell you how everything works" said the law.

Look at the pole going through his dome look at him naked hanging there.

Blood splattered coagulated, red not the shade you'd expect

bits of pink not the color you'd think. Dignity he says.

He’s got a pole through his head he’s dead. He lost his dignity when he

tied those shoe laces.When he jumped.

I told the cop why I'm here: "They asked me to help"


Look past the giant finger in the sky, see clearly.

Transport to his room. Why did he decide not to wear clothes?

Look past it this time, look past time, WAIT.

Saw past seeing through the trick only for an instant.

Enough to see. He didn't wear his pants because a girl was in the pool skinny dipping.

she shouts "Jump, jump, jump!"

Chanting it now, it’s a party and the Jumper, he’s bored.

"Let’s do some drugs, drinks or smoke something" said the jumper.

"Let’s do something sexy, lets skinny dip" that was the girl saying that.

"Sweet I'll be right back I'm ganna’ jump from the roof!" that was the jumper that time.

"hahha dont do it --dd"

Can’t catch his name something ends it two d's Teddy? No.

She’s taking off her clothes now there are those tits that defy

gravity. Shame our boy --dd can’t do the same.

"Nah don't worry I do it ALL the time" said Todd. Todd was his name.

He’s not lying he does do it all the time, sober. He shot guns a beer.


"Jump, jump, jump!"

He jumps. Face free fall.

Shoes tied?


Intoxicated and bored?


Necessary velocity to impale your dome?



In fact he did not know it but a jump from two feet lower would have

caused him only a concussion to the head. Fate, but that's boring. I'm

Bored let’s do some drugs let's pass some time let’s make time skip.

Close his eye lids for dignity? He looks like a Shish kabob.

Don't do it, it’s time to unwind rewind look past the great big Godly

middle finger in the sky where if you have even an ounce of faith, if

you measure faith in ounces because I do not, I measure it in faith

units, you'd take the leap of one faith units. Find out how it all



We jump.



Christopher Capelluto © 2009