Carrie Viens





Screeching electronic hum; sunflowers tremble but the air is still.  Blue skies move like ice flows over the earth.  Can anyone hear them move like an old man to his breakfast?  Dreamy sunbeams rouse me.  I have to go see the trees.  

They will know where I’ve been and how to find it again.  I follow a proud highway to the days end.

    I had a child once or maybe just a toy.  Can I never really know?  Among the fur and larch I ask to be known, but no.  Only the willow answers in weepy tones.  It had a mother once that I could not be.  So the weepy child could not help me.  Lost among the trees a cherry blossom found me; and it whispered of the sea.  Must I speak to the reeds; can they help find me?

   Clanging metal and machinery; the wind blows but the sunflowers remain still.  The clouds whip past me in a strange locomotion and the sun disappears.  Shall I die?  Back to light I can not move when it is night.  The beasties of my mind play by night, where evil thieves might find them.  

   Mr. Aronoffsky standing by the street gave me an apple that made me bleed.  He set them up to steal me.  I went another direction to the trees and then to the seas.  I left behind the peopled streets.  Suburban houses all ablaze; so bright and shiny new.  Mr. Aronoffsky cries.  I loved the bastard and his lies.  He could not find the places I’d left behind.

   Hissing static and electro-shock; the flowers have all burned to dust.  Purple skies of summer time shake the earth.  Is this it?  Women smiling speeding by; I could have them anytime.  

   By the sea the reeds sing.  I can not hear them; deafened by surging power.  I see the drift wood in the sea.  It is like me.  It will never know where it’s been or what it is to be free.  It like me is forever trapped by the sea.

   Journeying all alone; I’m a rouge air balloon in the sky.  Where did I go?  Where have I been?  I sit alone by the sea.  I can’t find my way or where I have been.  My life passes by beneath the wheels of a machine.




Carrie Viens © 2009