Welcome to The Recusant's print and e-book imprint, Caparison. The choice of name is intended to convey variety of subject and style; poetry which demonstrates a love of language in combination with a strength of subject; poetry which is unconstrained by fashionable trappings. You can download samples from the e-books below by double-clicking on the cover images. Should the sample poems whet your appetites, you can then purchase the full e-books via Paypal by double-clicking on an Add to Cart button under it. Once your payment is received, you will receive the e-book by email. Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions are recommended for viewing the ebooks.

Price £2.99

Red Shift cover

Peter Branson

Red Shift, 60pp 

(e-book only)

Introduction by

Alan Morrison


The poetry of Peter Branson is an accomplished combination of tone, style and subject one might not normally presume to go together: economy and flourish, restraint and passion, private-mindedness and social conscience. Branson manages to blend these variants into a handsome harmony, making for a poetry both emotionally and intellectually affecting. These poems ruminate on the many-coloured conflicts of today: from the clashes of the banking crisis to the scrub of Afghanistan.


from the Introduction 

Howard Mingham 

Waters of the Night

Collected Poems 1974-84

(print book)

Forewords by David Kessel

and Ken Worpole

Afterword by Alan Morrison


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The complete poems of a truly gifted and original poet.

Price £2.99

Kevin Saving

Miracle & Mirage 60pp

Introduction by

Alan Morrison (e-book only)


Kevin Saving’s best lines have the authority of proverbs (but are more musical!)

Alison Brackenbury

Saving cover

Sally Richards

Emperor Dragonfly60pp

Introduction by

Alan Morrison

(e-book only)

Richards’ poetry actually says something which is quite rare in modern poetry... She creates very successfully a doubt in the mind of the reader... 

Nigel Humphreys




arabesques cover

Alessandro Cusimano


of a Nervous Wandering, 64pp

Foreword by Alan Morrison

(e-book only)


...sensual explorations reminiscent of those of Rimbaud        Donald Webb

Price £2.99

Price £2.99

Sally cover Bruce Harris cover image

Bruce Harris

The Huntington Hydra, 100pp

print book

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e-book £3



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Tabac Blond cover

Christopher Moncrieff

Tabac Blond, 136pp (2019)


Foreword by Alan Morrison

Caparison is proud to announce the debut poetry collection from prolific poet and translator Christopher Moncrieff. This is implicitly European poetry: lyrical, polemical and unashamedly erudite.

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e-book £3

Peter Street

Earth Talk

54pp (2020)

Caparison is proud to announce an eco-poetry collection from a distinctive veteran poet.



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e-book £3

HMcover Alan Price cover


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e-book £3

Alan Price

Restless Voices

56pp (2020)

A collection of strikingly filmic

cut-up poems.

e-book £2.99

Mermaids in Wormwood by Christopher Moncrieff cover


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£20 incl. P&P

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Christopher Moncrieff

Mermaids in Wormwood, 160pp (2021)


Foreword by Alan Morrison

Moncrieff's second collection is a phantasmagorical navigation of undergaduate angst in a Cambridge college.