Ben Willems



In Area C



Custodians enclose, confinement is commonplace

Ceilings of concrete, zinc, canvas and cave                

Country of origin crumpled on cellophane

Compulsion scrubs up cleaner than change



Consider three complexions of creation –



Construction; Coercion; Cultures of childbirth.

Cramped between continents, clichés are chariots

Cain cripples Abel, cousins, compatriots

Cosy as cameras clinical catalyst,

Carving the census, Caesarean checklist,

Clamp down on chemistry’s chance companion,                

Crows in the canopy circling carrion






Conquest came; saw; cloned condominiums

Crowning hill-scalps like off-world colonies

Claimed descendants resurrecting centimetres

Customised maps, compressed chronology

Cable and calculus speech miraculous

“Choose place of birth in place of extinction!”


Cleverest thing it can clot cognizance

Certainties branch like advice from a croupier –

Cryptic injunctions stubborn oracular;

Clue’s in the creep to the thermonuclear






Conscripted defences. Chicanery, legislative

Clauses. Security, of course. Conservation.


“Complainants: refer to the contract - Terms and

Conditions apply. Terms: you can have your cake

Conditions:  we eat it - until further notice.



Call witness C. I beseech you stick to the facts.

Cry wolf with extreme care. Extreme care.

Cause of injury, we know from previous cases  

Could be self-inflicted. C, did you ever suspect

Cracks in the victim of a suicidal nature?”






Character building curriculum of buck stop

Classifies peace with pacification. Cue:  

“Can of worms” on every fractious occasion;

“Coat of arms” - seductive, necessary - now

“Come to terms” more the scrupulous witch-finder





Cusp of an epoch; twitch in the cosmos’s

Curtain of centuries, scenes to challenge

Captive, comatose, prick up curious; scare the

Crap out of lock stock hierarchies, are you sitting

Comfortably? Wretchedly? In your fortification?






Consciousness coils and recurs incognito

Clearing its throat of a stuck fait accompli.                          

Cools off. When the brain cells are too over-

Crowded, choked with culprits getting off scot-free,

Corrosively racked, screw-balled deciphering

Charades of control. Eases back. Draws deep  


Centres: in the heartbeat of beginning. This

Can’t be undone. Only cleaved on the surface.

Cut from its bedrock. Siphoned away, inch by

Cubic inch. Only clawed out mechanically

Crushed under falling masonry, suffocated when

Crucial to archaeological research. Buckled

Concentrically, empirically rubbished; only



Carried through the wreckage, a voice inescapable






Countdown corridors echo diplomat chit-chat

Cash crop prospects, tectonic fundamentals, as we

Cross now to our conflict zone censor and discuss in

Clipped vocabulary: How beyond reproach is a blue chip

Client? How advanced is the carbuncle of theocracy?



Ben Willems © 2014