Barry Tebb



Reflections on Local Election Day 2014


Mondeo Man’s become a Kipper

Essex Man, his brother, has too.

Farage’s mouth opens wide enough

To swallow a London bus, he’d like to

You know it, his scary Goebbels said

We Londoners are too well-educated

And cultured to vote for them

I only hope so.


From Bangladesh to Brick Lane

From the Ganges to Tooting Beck

From Nairobi to East Cheam

Hands are joined.


Kaiser Cameron has a hunted look

And orders a doubling of border patrols.

IDS slavers, a Heydrich-in-the-making,

Clegg plans five more years as deputy Fuhrer

Practising Sieg Heil in his bedroom,

The least Farage would expect.


North against South but with

London holding out. A chill runs

Through Eastern Europe, the Slavs

Remember the Camps, the Poles the Ghetto.

Ed’s brow is furrowed, the Fabians suggest

A sharp left turn, Blairites a righter.


The editors of The Mail and The Express

Order the files of Der Sturmer  translated,

Making ‘Jew’ into ‘scrounger’.

Sanctions on the disabled who cannot

Goose-step fast enough are planned.


Farage fears a failed bier-kellar putsch

And phones Le Pen for advice. Germ Warfare

Against the unemployed merits a glance.

Farage arranges a secret meeting with

Greece’s Battalion of the Golden Dawn,

Dreaming a second Kristallnicht.


Auden’s ghost follows Hamlet’s father

Across the ramparts but who is Hamlet

And who can divide the sea?


Barry Tebb © 2014