Alan Price





Ahmed went on holiday after only realising forty six per cent of his ‘potential’

sales. He was warned to make quality and customer satisfaction a singular  

obsession. Micro – managing young men told him to fight harder to achieve his


  At his hotel Ahmed knelt on his prayer mat. Work harder for less was the

mantra that resounded through his brain. His oiled customers, sprawled inside the

hotel lobby, restaurant and swimming pool, gave him no peace. Ahmed  kept seeing

everyone as an unrealised percentage. On his return flight he feverishly counted the

passengers, but failed to make his duty bound target. By the taxi-ramp people kept

running up to him. Yet Ahmed’s numbers were still not enough. Arriving home,

he discovered more work inside his garage. Yet he was pleased and delighted that

fifty four men, and women, had managed to comfortably fit inside.

  Things now seemed to add up. Ahmed carefully attached a hosepipe to his car

exhaust. They watched every move of Ahmed’s; whispered to each other and made

notes. His anxious crowd, of morphed percentages, quietly drifted away only when

he’d expired from monoxide poisoning.

  The coroner concluded that there was more to life than business schemes and

striving for profit. Yet if Ahmed had attended his own inquest he might have

disagreed; stood up, offered his hosepipe, as if it were a comforting hookah to the

coroner and probably said, I funded the ideals of the company and betrayed my

customers.  Now the accounts are bereft. I am ashamed. Look about you and see.

Here are the spirits of the lost fifty five!




Alan Price © 2014